Saturday, 1 March 2014

Dividend Income: March 2014

Every month I am going to be providing a breakdown of the dividend income received from my shares. The overall monthly total will be included on the main “Dividends Received” page.
  • Unilever–£8.89
  • Barclays–£7.00
  • BP–£5.71
Total: £21.60.

I have had to wait two months before I have got to see the first contribution to reaching my goal of getting £200 in dividend income for 2014. March's contribution pushes me nearly 11% of the way there:

Obviously, three months in with such small progress may not be great. However, despite no income expected in April either from May onwards I am hoping that a combination of my current holdings growing their contributions and additional purchases coming into play should see me galloping a little faster towards my goal. However, we shall have to see!

[Creative Commons image from Flickr user 401(k) 2012]

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