Sunday, 31 August 2014

Dividend Income: August 2014

Every month I am going to be providing a breakdown of the dividend income received from my shares. The overall monthly total will be included on the main “Dividends Received” page.

  • Santander--£11.03
    • This is a notable decrease from August 2013's dividend (from 13.25p to 11.86p). That being said, the strong pound meant that the Euro to GBP exchange rate (from 0.8606 to 0.7908) also affected total return. In general, the decreasing dividend is encouraging as Santander looks to shift to a more conventional dividend policy.
    • Given as 2 new shares (SCRIP)
  • HSBC ETFs--£13.49
    • This is my first dividend payment from my various HSBC ETFs held in a different fund brokerage account. 

Total for August: £24.52.

Another contribution from Santander now pushes me a little closer to my 2014 dividend income goal of £200. I am now 41% of the way to that total:

As mentioned in July's post. From this point onwards I am expecting to see more consistent and much higher dividend returns monthly which should, hopefully, easily allow me to pass the £200 goal for the year.

[Creative Commons image from Flickr user 401(k) 2012]

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