Friday, 9 January 2015

January 2015: Dividend Income and Trading Activity

Every month I am going to be providing a breakdown of the dividend income received from my shares. The overall monthly total will be included on the main “Dividends Received” page.

  • GlaxoSmithKline--£35.91
    • Bought 2 more shares.

Total for January: £35.91 ($54.09).

Obviously, January has not been a picture postcard example of diversified dividend income with only one of my holdings distributing cash this month. However, that is one more than last year as I had nothing coming in. Consequently, this is a 100% increase on January 2014. Not bad.

What is more, this represents my first step towards my 2015 dividend goal of £800. How far is that step? Well it is a modest but still much appreciated 4.5%:

Next month I currently anticipate to produce much the same with regards to dividend income. However, unlike this month it should be across a wider range of companies.


Over the course of January I have invested in two new FTSE 100 companies:
I have also topped up my holding in one FTSE 250 company:
  • Construction and services provider, Interserve (LON:IRV). 
Overall, these should add a total of about £79 in additional dividend income per year.

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