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My Weekly Worthies: On Here, Over There (and Over To You)--8 August 2015

It is that time again. Another week, another round-up of weekly worthies. This time, I have given it a bit of a facelift after suggestions from readers (thanks!).

Time to settle down with a nice well-brewed drink (tea, coffee, beer...whatever your fancy) and maybe a biscuit, cake or two and catch up with what has been published during the week related to financial independence, early retirement, frugality and personal finance more generally (with a little of other bits and pieces thrown in).

As usual, last week's post attracted a lot of interest from you all. Hopefully there is plenty in here to catch your interest again.

As always, this is going to include your favourite articles "On Here" (that is on The Dividend Drive) and my favourite articles "Over There" (that is, on other personal finance sites I read).

And "Over To You"? Well that is an invite for you to highlight any articles you came across that you found interesting and not included in the list below.

Anyway, here goes my list for 8 August. Enjoy!

PS: If you want to look at the archive of previous weekly round-up articles then head over to my Every(ish) Posts page. Here you will find all the articles (except portfolio purchase-related ones) published on the Dividend Drive as well as every weekly round-up to date. Take a look.

"On Here"

NOTE: The "On Here" list is purely quantitative. It is the posts with the most unique reads that week (not including other weekly round-up lists). Here's a little legend for you to explain the symbols:  = newly published; ▲ = moved-up list since last week; ▼ = moved down list since last week; ▬ = same place as last week.

As usual the new post this week tops the list. This time it was my fresh top-up of my holding in the FTSE 100 insurance giant, Legal & General. I picked these new shares up just before they announced another set of excellent results (and a hefty dividend hike).

My posts on the tax changes here in the UK and their effect on dividend income and on South32 joining my portfolio in May have both jumped up the Top 10 a little.

The interest in the tax changes is, of course, understandable. The South32 articles reinvigorated popularity I suspect--as I suggested last week--is because their first results (and hopefully dividend declaration) is due in August I believe and so people are researching the "lay of the land" with regards to this. I may update the predictions on them at some point, as clearly people find it interesting.

Other than that, my previous Legal & General purchase post has jumped up a few spaces presumably as a result of my recent purchase.

Anyway, without any further ado, here is my breakdown for the week beginning 1 August 2015:

  1.  BUY: Legal & General (LGEN)--Topping up on Top Dividend Growth Insurer?
  2. A Bid for GlaxoSmithKline? Running the Numbers on the Buy-out Speculation
  3. Taxing Times: Dividend Tax Changes in the UK Government's June 2015 Budget
  4. A Minor Miner Addition: South32 Joins My Portfolio After BHP Billiton Demerger
  5. The Maestro's Movers: Neil Woodford's Big Buys and Sells in June 2015
  6. 5 Cheap US Stock Brokers who accept UK-resident Account Holders
  7. June 2015 Goals Progress Report: First Half
  8. BUY: Legal & General--Growth and Income Going for a Song?
  9. A joint ninth place this week:
  10. And tenth is tied as well:

"Over There"

NOTE: The "Over There" is nothing like the "On Here" list. It is qualitative through and through and is simply chosen by me from what I read (and mostly commented on) during the week. It is not really a ranking but a motley bag of (excellent) items.

So what about articles published elsewhere? Here is a little list of what caught my eye.

FIRE (Financial Independence/Retiring Early) Planning and Strategy

FIRE (Financial Independence/Retiring Early) Progress

General Investing

Specific Investing Analysis/Purchases

Budgeting and Frugality


"Over to You"

Anyway, that is it for this week. And here, as promised an age ago (or rather a few lines above), the "Over to You" bit.

What did you read this week that you found really interesting related to investing, personal finance or financial independence?

Make a comment below and include a link. Then we can all take a look!

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  1. Hi DD
    Thanks for linking my post.

    Some excellent posts you've listed there, I loved DivHut's one about Simply Wall St and spent over an hour tinkering with it today - quite addictive, yet educational!

    1. My pleasure, weenie.

      I have not yet found the time to have a proper look around Simply Wall St yet. Your comments make it sound even more intriguing!

  2. DD,

    Thank you for compiling this extensive list once again. It makes my life so much easier to discover new blogs and must-reads. And thank you for adding me once again, much appreciated.

    I specifically enjoyed your GSK article a couple of days ago. Very well-though out and it solidified my believe in the company. I have been thinking of adding to my position, but there are so many other opportunities out there still (BHP Billiton comes to mind on the LSE).

    Have a great weekend,

    1. My pleasure, NMW. Glad you find it useful in getting your reading sorted! There is so much out there worth reading. Quite remarkable!

      I am glad you enjoyed my GSK article. It is different to my usual fare, it must be said, to write about buy-out speculation. But I thought it was worth digging deeper into. I agree, it solidified my belief in the company as well.

      BHP certainly looks interesting. I am a little more cautious on them at the moment. Wait until I see their final results later this month. They were at one point one of my biggest holdings (in the top 10). Now, with the share price weakness they are way down! Quite tempting to top up. But I may wait until the prices show evidence of a modest recovery. I am already too exposed to commodities in my mind.

      You have a good one too. Enjoy your reading!

  3. Thanks for sharing your weekly worthies, and of course, thanks for the recent mention of our post.

    Keep up the great work. Best wishes and continued success! AFFJ

  4. These are great links as usual, DD! Keep up the great work over here and I really appreciate the mention :)