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My Weekly Worthies: On Here, Over There (and Over To You)--25 July 2015

It is that time again. Another week, another round-up of weekly worthies. This time, I have given it a bit of a facelift after suggestions from readers (thanks!).

Time to settle down with a nice well-brewed drink (tea, coffee, beer...whatever your fancy) and maybe a biscuit, cake or two and catch up with what has been published during the week related to financial independence, early retirement, frugality and personal finance more generally (with a little of other bits and pieces thrown in).

As usual, last week's bumper post pulled in a mighty amount of interest from you all. Hopefully there is plenty in here to catch your interest again.

As always, this is going to include your favourite articles "On Here" (that is on The Dividend Drive) and my favourite articles "Over There" (that is, on other personal finance sites I read).

And "Over To You"? Well that is an invite for you to highlight any articles you came across that you found interesting and not included in the list below.

Anyway, here goes my list for 25 July. Enjoy!

PS: If you want to look at the archive of previous weekly round-up articles then head over to my Every(ish) Posts page. Here you will find all the articles (except portfolio purchase-related ones) published on the Dividend Drive as well as every weekly round-up to date. Take a look.

"On Here"

NOTE: The "On Here" list is purely quantitative. It is the posts with the most unique reads that week (not including other weekly round-up lists). Here's a little legend for you to explain the symbols:  = newly published; ▲ = moved-up list since last week; ▼ = moved down list since last week; ▬ = same place as last week.

An unusual one this week. First, the new posts published this week--predictably--tops the list. We also have a couple of joint places again this week.

An odd week again. Two spots were shared with the same number of reads: 5th and 10th.However, most striking is the number of articles which have had a second lease of life with regards readers. These include a couple at the tail end of the chart. Most notably the Interserve and "Work Freedom Day" article both of which were published in March and have not been on the weekly breakdown for some time.

Also, another big jumper into the "green" was May's breakdown of Neil Woodford's investment changes. This got a shot in the arm after I published June's breakdown of his trading activity which--naturally enough--linked back to May's as well!

Other than that, a lot jostled up a few spaces with both the AstraZeneca and Tax-related posts dropping sharply allowing the others to shunt up the table a little.

Anyway, without any further ado, here is my breakdown for the week beginning 18 July 2015:

  1.  The Maestro's Movers: Neil Woodford's Big Buys and Sells in June 2015
  2. June 2015 Goals Progress Report: First Half
  3. The Maestro's Movers: Neil Woodford's Big Buys and Sells in May 2015
  4. BUY: Rolls-Royce Holdings (RR)--Preparing to Power Future Earnings?
  5. A joint fifth place this week:
    1. A Minor Miner Addition: South32 Joins My Portfolio After BHP Billiton Demerger
    2. June 2015: Dividend Income, Trading Activity and Portfolio Snapshot
  6. BUY: Legal & General--Growth and Income Going for a Song?
  7. Taxing Times: Dividend Tax Changes in the UK Government's June 2015 Budget
  8. 5 Cheap US Stock Brokers who accept UK-resident Account Holders
  9. BUY: Royal Dutch Shell "B" (RDSB)--Betting BiG on the BG Bid?
  10. Another joint 10th place this week but with four on the same number of reads:

"Over There"

NOTE: The "Over There" is nothing like the "On Here" list. It is qualitative through and through and is simply chosen by me from what I read (and mostly commented on) during the week. It is not really a ranking but a motley bag of (excellent) items.

So what about articles published elsewhere? Here is a little list of what caught my eye.

This again is a wonderful mix of fascinating and high-quality articles.

This week was a challenging one for me both in my personal and professional life which meant that I was not able to keep up to date with the posts during the week and had to do it en masse at the end. What that did highlight was just how much is produced over the course of the week. Some really great stuff. Take your time to work through it. It is definitely worth it.

Anyway, hopefully you enjoy reading these as much as I did.

FIRE (Financial Independence/Retiring Early) Planning and Strategy

FIRE (Financial Independence/Retiring Early) Progress

General Investing

Specific Investing Analysis/Purchases

Budgeting and Frugality


"Over to You"

Anyway, that is it for this week. And here, as promised an age ago (or rather a few lines above), the "Over to You" bit.

What did you read this week that you found really interesting related to investing, personal finance or financial independence?

Make a comment below and include a link. Then we can all take a look!

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  1. TDD,

    Thanks for including me!

    I think you covered everything here - nothing to add. :)

    Have a great weekend over there.

    Best regards.

    1. My pleasure, Jason. Well done for your first half progress. Looking very good indeed!

      I will do. Same to you. Pretty miserable weather wise this side of the Atlantic, but plenty of odds and ends I have to do inside today anyway!

  2. Thanks for the link DD - hope you have a great weekend!

    1. My pleasure, weenie.

      Same to you. It has turned out to be an "errands" weekend at present. Nothing wrong with that!

      I also have a hankering after a little more new music (new to me at least, I am thinking a little classic soul!) so will be doing some rooting around for tracks I like.

  3. DD,

    Thanks for the mention on here -- really cool list you put together and honored to be a part of it!


    1. My pleasure, Lanny. I enjoy reading your stuff so it's nice to be able to share it with others as well!

      Keep up the good work (both of you!).

  4. Great list of articles you got. Thanks for sharing as I missed some of these during my week of reading.

    1. Thanks, Tawcan! Glad I managed to provide a few more articles you missed before!